Who We Are

Times are changing. The cost of presenting the caliber of artists and entertainment events to which OPAS patrons have become accustomed is rising every year. Now more than ever, it’s important that we work together to raise the necessary funds to meet these expectations.

If you contributed to OPAS, you are already a member of OPAS Encore! If you haven’t, we would love to have you join us, or work on our signature annual event, The OPAS Gala!

OPAS Encore supports OPAS programs:

•  Family Programs
•  Special Programs for Local Children
•  Enhanced Programming

Contact Information

Ph: 979.845.1661
Fx: 979.845.8043

Mailing Address
Texas A&M University
PO Box 15819
College Station TX 77841

Shipping Address
Texas A&M University
275 Joe Routt Boulevard
Suite 2440
College Station, TX 77843